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Major Upgrades
Upgrade your GP DMC with the newest technology - the GP DMC USB System and the Impinger Airflow Totalizer!

Keep up with the rigorous demands of formaldehyde emissions regulations with updates to your GP DMC. These updates will allow you to stay current and tighten your testing.
With the USB System, the interface between your GP DMC and computer have a serious overhaul. Toss the outdated acquisition card and improve your security settings with this new update. What does it do?
  • Improves link between gas analyzer and computer with signal conditioning,
  • Allows nearly any computer to be used - only a USB 2.0 connection is required,
  • Drastically reduces the security privileges needed to run the GP DMC software,
  • Compatible with 64-bit operating systems,
  • and much more! 
Note: new technologies, hardware updates, and subsequent programming changes will be based on the USB System. Installation requires compatible solid state relay board. Installation by qualified GP DMC technician is highly recommended.
GP DMC Impinger Airflow Totalizer
Improve your wet chemistry testing with the new Impinger Airflow Totalizer! The Totalizer completely replaces your impinger apparatus - rely on an integrated mass flow meter to give you the best results. The Impinger Airflow Totalizer:
  • measures any disruptions in airflow that may happen during a 30 or 60 minute test,
  • has an in-line purge valve, with an adjustable time setting, to give the most representative sample,
  • installs quickly and easily,
  • integrates seamlessly with the GP DMC USB System Version 1.20 software
Ensure you have the best sample and stop assuming your impinged value - get the new GP DMC Impinger Airflow Totalizer!
Note: only compatible with the GP DMC USB System. 
GP DMC USB Acquisition System
Hardware and software upgrade that utilizes a USB interface to communicate between the computer and GP DMC. Includes signal conditioning to increase formaldehyde sensor value!
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GP DMC Impinger Airflow Totalizer
Integrated Impinger Airflow Totalizer with USB connection (OMEGA FMA 4310/AALBORG XFM mass flow meter) The system requires an upgrade to the GP DMC USB System.
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